What the Internet Sounds Like

"I WISL a happy tune!"

the WISLers:
Richard Liston
Bill Tice
Thomas Hildebrandt

Similar or related projects:
Mark Bain's "Sniffer"
Ping Wheel

WISL is an open source project hosted at SourceForge.net Logo
WISL download
NOTE: this is alpha software! There are known bugs; your mileage may vary; we accept no responsibility; blah, blah, blah. However, it's in decent enough shape to demo to those who may be so inclined to give it a run.
ANOTHER NOTE: To run WISL you need version 1.4.x of Java or higher. Java can be obtained from http://java.sun.com.
The latest version of WISL is now available at SourceForge.net. To get the executable version scroll down to "Latest File Releases", click on "wisl" and then select the file you want: either wisl-0.3.tar.gz or wisl-0.3.zip.
Copyright 2004 Richard Liston